Squares 2015: All the Resources I Could Write Down

I had the great privilege of attending the Squares Conference this past weekend in Grapevine, Texas. I heard about Squares via the Circles Conference, another great conference that I’ve never been to but saw how well attendees enjoyed it. Circles is geared toward the creative/maker community whereas Squares is targeted toward the developer community. To say I had a great time attending is really an understatement. I was continually impressed at how well the conference organizers struck such a great balance in providing content that was both technical and inspiring. Also, there were tons of attendees and speakers who were genuinely open and all around cool people. There was an overwhelming atmosphere of collaboration and tons of breaks sprinkled in that gave attendees the opportunity to do it.

When I first started on this journey to become a web designer/developer, I used to troll Twitter to find all the resources people would post from conferences they attended. In the spirit of sharing, I have collected all the resources I wrote down from the Squares (from presentations and several conversations). I’ll be updating this as more of the speakers share their slide deck. It’s not a complete list b/c honestly there were times when I was either too wrapped up in what the speaker was talking about or too un-caffeinated to take notes.

If there are any resources you think should be added to this list just shoot me an e-mail at daniel-at-colorturtle-dot-com. Lemme’ know what I missed!


Cap Watkins > Design Is For Everyone
Carl Smith > Lessons From The Lemonade Stand
Carrie Dils > The Power of WordPress and Genesis Framework
Doug Neiner > A Brief Intro to React.js
Drew Wilson > How To Build Products That Lose Money
Jason Pamental > The Life of <p> – Responsive Typography
Jina Bolton > SASS and Style Guides
Joel Glovier > GitHub and the Power of Making Mistakes
Katie Kovalcin > The Path To Performance
Kyle Kutter > Leading In The Digerati Age
Zach Schmid > Transforming Your Engineering Team

Creating A Performance Budget: 


Dealing With Stress:

Making a Living/Interactive Style-Guide: 

Other Awesome Conferences that People Shared:

Version Control:

  • GitHub
  • GitHub Explore > Find open GitHub projects that you can clone
  • Hubot > A tool created by GitHub to automate various things, like rolling out the deployment of a site
  • Intro to GitHub > A slide deck shared by a designer on how his team uses GitHub to communicate with each other

Team Communication/Productivity:

  • Confluence > An Atlassian Tool for allowing communication with your team
  • Jira > JIRA is the tracker for teams planning and building great products
  • The Scrum Field Guide by Mitch Lacey


  • React > JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • Genesis > A WordPress Framework

Trademark Search Resource:

Again, if there are any resources you think should be added to this list just shoot me an e-mail at daniel-at-colorturtle-dot-com. Would love to know what I missed!