Job Hunting

Job Hunting

Since completing the course at the Iron Yard life has been an adjustment. After spending three months away from my family I needed to spend some quality time with everybody (and try my best to give my wife a much deserved reprieve). I also needed a bit of a mental break from the breakneck learning I had accomplished. I love learning to think like a hacker, but the process of getting here took some mental acrobatics. So, I have spent some time getting caught up on Castle and reality television (#guiltypleasure).

In the midst of reintegrating back into normal life, I have also been hitting the pavement looking for a position (check out my new portfolio). I’ve been submitting applications, sending resumes and responding to e-mails. And I have to say, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster: awesome highs and some forceful lows (rejection sucks, ya’ll).

I should say that compared to what the job search process was before completing the course at TIY my current search has been amazing. It used to be pretty dismal. I would submit 100 resumes (no joke) and get maybe 1 response. I wasn’t dumb. I had success in the positions I held. I’m creative and am the kind of guy who works hard to get things done. But the fact was the skill set I had on paper was not in demand.

Upon returning to Texas, I started off reaching out to about eight different companies. Four of them responded to me within 24 hours. I’ve had second interviews with three of them. Two of them want to see me face to face (they are located out of state). The responses to my applications have been overall positive.

But it’s not just the responsiveness to my applications that is different in this round of job hunting. I’m different, too. I know better what I’m looking for. As I sort through opportunities, I have three main goals in mind:

1. I want to work on a team of awesome people (capable, smart, and hopefully no jerks)

2. I want to work for a company that is at least somewhat opinionated (they have an idea of what they consider good code, good products, & good design)

3. I want to work in an environment where I can build on what I have learned and have opportunity to learn even more about writing eloquent code, creating awesome UI/UX, & identifying effective design principles.

I have no idea if this is a ridiculous list or not, but I’ve found some companies that lead me to believe it’s possible to find a place like this. I’m excited to find out.

Photo courtesy of Sarah.