2 Years and still going: What I love about front-end developement

It’s been a full two years now of professional employment as a front end and I have a list of things I love about it. Here it is:

1. The ‘Zone’ – I’m not sure what to call it, but for now I’ll refer to is as the ‘zone’. There is a point in some projects where as I’m coding and iterating I become hyper aware of the act of creation that I’m taking part in. That moment when making the design come to life either by nailing it or even enhancing it (like via animation or how it handles various screen sizes) that is just awesome. It begins to feel like painting… like I’m actually creating something… a piece of art. I love that feeling.
2. Seeing how people interact with the work – when I look at analytics and see how people, through the design of the website, are doing what you were working to get them to accomplish. Finding where they are supposed to click quickly or interacting with something you intended to make interesting… it’s super cool to actually influence people in this way.
3. Awesome, talented people – I am daily bl own away by the creativity of those around me, be it other developers, designers, producers or others. Watching how others approach a problem completely different than I would and seeing how their ideas enhance mine or vice versa… wow. That kind of collaboration is addictive.
4. The satisfaction of making something work – taking the (sometimes abstract) requests of others and making them reality. Kind of feels like wizardry.
5. The fashion -Hipster socks, beanie hats and cool t-shirts. There isn’t an obligation to dress up, but it seems cultural in this field to dress how best expresses you – be it a sloth t-shirt or a crochet’d vest. I also like the free t-shirts.

I’m sure there’s more I like but these were the first 5 that popped into my head. More to come later on what I hate (yeah, there’s a list for that too).